The Assassin (argh why do I always add an random a their arghbjalan) and the Pirate Lord by Sarah J. Maas. Fantasy. Retelling. Prequel. Throne of Glass 0.20. Thumbs up.
A stunning début, although the author has been lurking around on FictionPress for about a decade. And wrote this after her first solicited novel. So kind of a fake début? I don't know. Why are you asking me?
It has a wonderful plot but it seems like the author just put two popular, as of now, concepts together and was like "Pirates? Assassins? Epic win!"
There was also a bit of modern language in there which drew me out of the story a lot. She 'walloped' him. Maybe if I was a bit cooler I wouldn't notice these things but for a generic Medieval Europe setting it was just out of place.
Also, generic Medieval Europe setting? Really? That and Feudal Japan are done to death. It's not even wholesale which I find annoying. There's no explanation for why there are randomly assassins in Medieval Europe so it's doubly generic.
So the main characters are Celeana (something like that anyway), Sam and Rolfe. So the author showed diversity there's a common name (Sam), a kinda fitting for the setting name (Rolfe) and suddenly a made up name (Celeana, in case you hadn't guessed).
I'm getting way caught up in the little things here. It was an extremely good début (or fake début whatever swings your pendulum-argh that was such a bad metaphor. It hurts. IT HURTS).
The plot was a good 'un, truly father, it was a good 'un. It was a slavery plot with Celeana not liking slaves but Sam does but then they talk about bar wenches (I think they double as ladies of the night) and he doesn't like the way they're treated because his mother was one. Yeah, that's spoiler free. I THINK. Dun dun DUN. Okay that was corny.

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