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I'm fascinated with the theme of the manipulator-the Grandmaster, if you will. 
The first time I found this theme was in Sluggy Freelance with Bun-Bun and Zoe during the demon Gwen arc. It's recurred often since then, even being mocked by a Muppet Comic Series. I don't think I'd ever be able to write a complex Grandmaster but I love trying to. However, each time I try it slips through my hands like water.
They could also be referred to as puppets and I love that. It could be Scraps (from the extended Oz books) was simply a puppet of a higher power. Of course, that's taking it to it's most literal so it's much more likely the Wicked Witches (unnamed three of the South, West and East and Mombi of the North) or the Nome King are puppets of... I don't know the Rainbow (it's an actual being in the Oz books and it has a daughter-Polychrome-yes, it's just as cheesy as you think it'd be and no, it's not evil that's just something my insane brain thinks of) or more likely the Wicked Witches puppets of the Nome King or General Jinjur (god, I love her as a villain).
That's my little rant on the theme on the manipulator that turned into a brainstorming session on Oz.
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